Monday, 17 February 2014

Association AGM Poster

RCMP Alerts have been updated

The RCMP Alerts tab is now current!  As always if you have any information about these incidents or other suspicious activity in and around your community please don't hesitate to contact your local RCMP detachment.

Happy Family Day!

Monday, 3 February 2014

We are back!!

I'm sorry that it has been a while since we updated our blog.  Due to technical difficulties we were locked out of the site.  Over the next week RCMP alerts will be updated and upcoming meeting information will be provided.  Again - thank you for your patience!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Hunting Violation

On November 10 at approximately 9:35 AM, the following violations occurred.

1010hrs - C/n reported they heard a gun shot which sounded very close to the residence. Observed a guy standing on the driveway with a rifle slung over his shoulder and c/n said "what are you doing here". He stated that they had just shot a buck on the road, and then asked if they owned the property.  The c/n observed that they had a moose in the back of the truck as well.  C/n explains that they took off and were definitely not around long enough to load a deer.  There were four individuals in the vehicle described as:
- White Ford truck
- 4X4 sticker on the back
- Slip tank in the back (silver)

The individuals were described as:
- One girl with bright colored hair
- Unknown Ethnicity girl wearing camo jacket and pants
- Tall, slim, unknown Ethnicity guy wearing camo pants
- The area is described as East of 751 on the Leaman rd.

John Elias
District Fish and Wildlife Officer
Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch
Justice and Solicitor General

Office: 780-727-2941
Mobile: 780-202-0076

Friday, 1 November 2013

Buck Lake Meeting Summary

The Buck Lake meeting went well with 51 in attendance.  We were able to sign up 1 new corporate member and 10 family members.  Due to the date change Penn West and Fish & Wildlife were unable to attend but Corporal Kyle & Corporal Brooks spoke on behalf of the RCMP and Ed Rifo & Delores Gunther spoke on behalf of Victim Services.  Those in attendance appreciated that we kept the “business” part of the evening short and that we moved into guest speakers by 730 pm.

Corporal Kyle gave an overview of activity within the detachment area.  There was lots of good back and forth dialogue and both Corporals fielded questions for about half an hour.  It is worth noting that Dave Doze thanked the RCMP for their visible support for our association and the work we do.  Dave noted that in the past it was always a struggle to get RCMP cooperation and that it was refreshing to see things changing.

The folks from Victim Services focused much of their discussion around the services they offer, the process for seeking restitution and the power of victim impact statements.  The Q&A session after their presentation was dynamic and engaging and everyone seemed pleased with the information that was made available to them.

Next Association Meeting

Feb 26, 2014
AGM – 7pm – Lindale Hall – Penn West will be the main event and we are hoping to get some vendors to attend that sell/specialize in security equipment (trail cameras, security systems, GPS devices etc.). 

Meetings are open to everyone and always include coffee and sweets.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Community Crime Watch Success Story worth sharing!

I just thought that I would share this news release prepared by Cpl. Zazulak from Spruce Grove with you as this career criminal certainly impacted our policing jurisdiction.  Unfortunately, the reality is he is likely responsible for many more unsolved property crimes.  As you likely know we can only charge him when we have physical evidence, a witness or a confession.  Typically, the confessions are not easy to come by.  In any event the reason we caught this criminal in Edson is because of a citizen who was "dialed in", meaning on the ball and aware of their surroundings. 
One thing I have learned in my 22  years with the RCMP is that we cannot do our jobs properly without the help of the local citizenry. In the words of Sir Robert Peel, the creator of modern western policing, "the people are the police and the police are the people".  In 1829 he had the vision that Community Policing was the most strategic way to get the job done.  In 2013 this concept is still valid with Rural Crime Watch and COP as catalysts for crime prevention.   I will endeavour to hold that principle in high regard during my stewardship of the Evansburg Detachment.
I hope you can all appreciate this milestone success in rural policing.  Forbes is currently in custody pending Court.
Jim Desautels, Sgt.
Non Commissioned Officer in Charge
Evansburg Detachment
During the past four months, police asked for assistance from the public in locating 42 year old Kenneth Wayne FORBES of Onoway, a man wanted on numerous warrants for extensive break and enters throughout the Province of Alberta.
On September 13th, a concerned citizen in Edson made a report of a suspicious individual, and FORBES was arrested.  This would not have occurred without the support of the community, and their partnership with police in helping to keep our communities safe.
It is alleged that the majority of these break and enters occurred during the daytime hours, to acreage/rural subdivision properties.  Police believe FORBES would knock on a residence door, and if someone answered, he would purport to be lost and ask for directions. 
One interesting modus operandi is that FORBES is alleged to have removed pillowcases from bedrooms in each break and enter, in order to transport smaller items such as jewelry.  
As always, the public is asked to be wary of strangers in their neighborhoods, and to obtain as much detail as possible when encountering unknown persons and vehicles in unlikely situations.  
FORBES remains in custody, and has been charged with a large number of offences from various jurisdictions.  Some of these include:
  • From the Spruce Grove/Stony Plain area: 15 counts of break and enter, from various properties throughout Parkland and Lac Ste Anne Counties. His next court appearance in Stony Plain Provincial Court is October 30th.
  • From the Edson area:  four counts of break and enter,  possession of stolen property, and possession of a controlled substance- Schedule I.  His next court appearance in Edson Provincial Court is November 5th. 
  • From the Vegreville area:  three counts of break and enter, possession of stolen property, forgery, and possession of a forged document  His next court appearance in Vegreville Provincial Court is October 21st. 
  • From the Evansburg area:  break and enter and theft under $5000.  His next appearance is in Stony Provincial Court on October 30th.
  • From the Ponoka area:   break and enter, and theft under $5000.  His next appearance in Ponoka Provincial Court is November 1st.
In total, this encompasses 24 counts of break and enter, 2 counts of possession of stolen property, two counts of theft under $5000, 1 count of possession of a controlled substance, one count of forgery, and one count of possession of a forged document.
Mr. FORBES has an extensive criminal record for property offences, including break and enters, and frauds.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Revised Date - Meeting Poster

General Meeting changed to OCT 23rd

Please be advised that our Oct General Meeting date has been changed to Oct 23, 2013 at the Buck Lake Community Hall.  Meeting starts at 7pm.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Meeting Announcement

The next General Meeting for the Association will be on October 16th, 2013 at the Buck Lake Community Hall.  Meeting starts at 7 pm.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Our Summer 2013 BBQ!

Buck Mountain Rural Crime Watch kicked off summer with its annual BBQ and association meeting on June 18th at the Winfield Agriplex. We had a fantastic turnout with more than 100 attendees – luckily the rain and hail we were expecting never touched down.

We signed up a bunch of new members, gave out more of our signature yellow signs and made sure everyone in attendance was well fed. After dinner Mike Ryan, CEO, Founder and Program Director from Clean Scene – Network for Youth (, made a presentation to the group. He spoke about the Clean Scene organization and its mission to educate and inform our young people on the dangers of drugs and criminal activity. He shared some of his own life experiences as a reformed drug addict and offender.

Also in attendance was a representative from the Drayton Valley RCMP detachment.

We would like to extend a thank you to everyone that attended this event and encourage all those interested in being a part of the “Eyes & Ears of Rural Alberta” to attend our next meeting at the Buck Lake Community Hall on October 16th, 2013 at 7pm.

Inquiries regarding our association can be sent to