Friday, 1 November 2013

Buck Lake Meeting Summary

The Buck Lake meeting went well with 51 in attendance.  We were able to sign up 1 new corporate member and 10 family members.  Due to the date change Penn West and Fish & Wildlife were unable to attend but Corporal Kyle & Corporal Brooks spoke on behalf of the RCMP and Ed Rifo & Delores Gunther spoke on behalf of Victim Services.  Those in attendance appreciated that we kept the “business” part of the evening short and that we moved into guest speakers by 730 pm.

Corporal Kyle gave an overview of activity within the detachment area.  There was lots of good back and forth dialogue and both Corporals fielded questions for about half an hour.  It is worth noting that Dave Doze thanked the RCMP for their visible support for our association and the work we do.  Dave noted that in the past it was always a struggle to get RCMP cooperation and that it was refreshing to see things changing.

The folks from Victim Services focused much of their discussion around the services they offer, the process for seeking restitution and the power of victim impact statements.  The Q&A session after their presentation was dynamic and engaging and everyone seemed pleased with the information that was made available to them.

Next Association Meeting

Feb 26, 2014
AGM – 7pm – Lindale Hall – Penn West will be the main event and we are hoping to get some vendors to attend that sell/specialize in security equipment (trail cameras, security systems, GPS devices etc.). 

Meetings are open to everyone and always include coffee and sweets.