Monday, 11 November 2013

Hunting Violation

On November 10 at approximately 9:35 AM, the following violations occurred.

1010hrs - C/n reported they heard a gun shot which sounded very close to the residence. Observed a guy standing on the driveway with a rifle slung over his shoulder and c/n said "what are you doing here". He stated that they had just shot a buck on the road, and then asked if they owned the property.  The c/n observed that they had a moose in the back of the truck as well.  C/n explains that they took off and were definitely not around long enough to load a deer.  There were four individuals in the vehicle described as:
- White Ford truck
- 4X4 sticker on the back
- Slip tank in the back (silver)

The individuals were described as:
- One girl with bright colored hair
- Unknown Ethnicity girl wearing camo jacket and pants
- Tall, slim, unknown Ethnicity guy wearing camo pants
- The area is described as East of 751 on the Leaman rd.

John Elias
District Fish and Wildlife Officer
Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch
Justice and Solicitor General

Office: 780-727-2941
Mobile: 780-202-0076